Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finally time to spare

After quite some time (ashamed to give an actual number of months) I've finally finished this Ritzy Cracker Quilt. I had started it for my friend's daughter and was hoping to get it to her quickly. When I went to quilt this, I all of a sudden started experiencing all of these horrible things with my Pfaff QE. I had to put the quilt aside. Well needless to say, I fixed the kinks in my machine, but have been so reluctant to pick up this quilt again....after all it did cause the trouble in the machine? Hardly, but that's what my mind told me. So finally finished and my friend's baby just turned 1...YIPES!!!!
I don't usually do as much to the back, but I liked how the back reflects a more "little girlish" quilt and the front is a bit more cool. Hopefully she'll get a lot of use from this quilt! In the mail it goes!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Giving up Just Giving....

Each year around lent I deal with this huge struggle. Why must I give up something for lent? So what to do? What to give up? I don't have any vices....ok so I drink coffee A LOT. I could give that up, but that would just be cruel and unusual. Instead of giving up this year, I decided I would just rather give....


I love quilting and am so happy that I found something to keep my hands busy. After a bit of googling, I found the perfect organization to donate quilts to; Project Linus. This is an amazing organization please click on the name to read more. The two quilts above are two of the three quilts that I am donating. I'm hoping to continue making more quilts for this awesome cause!