Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Good Things

Months ago, I posted about the many interruptions in life. Lately they have led to the demise of my blogging days. I guess I need to stop calling them interruptions and call it life, and really,  the interruptions are sometimes what make you appreciate the good things. 

I have to say that I am blessed to have days filled with good things.

So just for today I'm gonna focus on those good things:

* Morning chats with mom
* That perfect first cup of coffee
* Pizza for lunch with friends
* Students who run down the hall to hug you
* Friends who understand you
* Enough quarters for laundry 
* A nice run that makes you feel strong
* A room filled with fabric and possibilities
* A person still filled with possibility

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My quilting and blogging has been riddled with interruptions. Everywhere I look in my little sewing room (closet) there are reminders of quilts (needing quilting), bags (needing finishing), and fabric in general (needing to be organized).

The beginning of the end? Kitchen renovations! Like anyone else, I thought maybe I would make a few changes to my less than amazing kitchen.. A few little changes, needless to say, turned into a full blown kitchen renovation, and full blown kitchen laziness.  So without further ado, since I have very little finished work to show, my before and after kitchen!


It all became very real the day this happened:
The contractor cut through the soffet, just to see what was in there! A couple of weeks later.....


And now to get back on track with quilting!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Something about a snowstorm

There's something about a snowstorm that makes me do a few things:

1. Add new stock to my shop, you can find this table runner here: Stitch Witch Fine Quilting

2. Have a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings marathon- this snowstorm is sponsored by Harry Potter
3. Finish up lovely projects with my beloved Pam Kitty Love for myself!

Hope your snowstorm is safe and quilty! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pam Kitty Love

I LOVE fabric. Really, you all know out there what I'm talking about. You see it, and you think oh the things I could make. But you walk away and say "I have so much fabric waiting to be used, I'll hold off on this for a bit."
But you just CAN'T. Sometimes you just CAN"T!!!!  You visit it every day. Quickly shutting the computer trying to pretend it doesn't exist. I tried so hard to resist. I caved. This January I'm in love with Pam Kitty Love and I don't care who knows about it. Today my love arrived. After a particularly exhausting day with my darling kindergarteners I came home to this box.....
See where it is from?!  I'm unfortunately nowehere near a fabric shop where I can visit and gaze longingly (sometimes drooling) at the fabric in person. Love the Fat Quarter Shop!
  Oh and this was inside.....

Stay tuned for some Valentine's Day fun with Pam Kitty Love!