Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sometimes Strep

I know this may sound odd, but, sometimes....strep is good.
Way back in the beginning of April I got strep throat. Almost a whole month later, turns out it either never was fully cured or it has returned. Yes, teaching kindergarten is a dangerous job, all those nasty little germs crawling on my ducklings. 

The point is, getting strep kept me home for 2.5 days. This time FINALLY allowed me to finish the quilt I started for my living room. I'm just a quilt sandwich, quilting, and binding away from a lovely Pom Pom de Paris hexagon quilt all for me!
Sometimes strep is good. 

PS. These are the kind of pictures you get in the evening, with no light, using a smart phone. I miss my 35mm.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hearts and Headaches

Once upon a time,way back during the summer, when I had all of the time in the world, I started a lovely baby/little girl quilt for an amazing cause, Project Linus. This quilt was to be the sweetest girl quilt yet, until that wicked stepmother intervened, I like to call her over ambitious. Not an actual person this stepmother, just my own foolish ideas that on this quilt I would try a much fancier style of quilting using hearts and swirls. 8 months later, I have finally picked up this quilt again. It has sat on my sewing table, hung over the back of my quilting chair, folded on my rocking chair, all the time taunting me. Constantly calling out to me daring me to start yet another project while this adorable little quilt remain unfinished. Today is the day, I will finish this quilting today!!!