Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crayons, Buggies, and Fabric OH MY!

Every once in awhile it's fun to get away for a little sight seeing. Every once in awhile it's nice to get away to a place that has lots o' quilt shops! I love all the long weekends that happen in
September and October, as a kindergarten teacher I need them to reclaim my sanity. What better way to reclaim my sanity by taking my nephews to Crayola in PA and Kitchen KettleVillage?
Crayola, Easton PA
We played in the ball yard. This was so cool, the boys would feed a ball into this hole and it would travel on rails all around the ceiling and come out here.
The boys LOVED dancing and playing in front of this screen that multiplied their movements and changed colors as it mirrored them.
COLOR explosion...I know Jack doesn't seem so impressed...what a funny face!
Grandma and Jack painting with water colors.
Owen painting with water colors.
We wrote on walls with markers!
Me and the boys!

After leaving Crayola we headed to a cute little town called Intercourse. There we stayed in an
adorable little crafty village called Kitchen Kettle Village. This part of the trip was more for
grandma and Aunt Jill, but Jack and Owen still had fun.
We made new friends.
Heard some great music.
Saw some amazing scenery.
Loved seeing buggies on the road alongside the cars.
Oh and did I mention there is a playground at Kitchen Kettle Village?
These boys have way too much energy!
Sitting still for a moment in the wooden train.
Milking a cow...they really didn't.
These boys tried so hard to behave while Aunt Jill looked at didn't happen so grandma saved me and took them back to the playground so I could buy...

Essence fat quarters by Sandy Gervais. Aren't the autumn colors beautiful? I'm thinking of a table topper.
3 honey buns! These were on sale for 11.50!!!! I bought two of Hello Betty for a quilt and one Flag Day Farm for a patriotic table runner! I can't wait to head back to PA to check out more quilting shops and buggies in Lancaster!

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