Sunday, July 17, 2011

SEW Excited Revisited

A few months ago (May) I blogged about the fabulous Pillow and Maxfield Gypsy Bandana fabric I had purchased to make an Amy Butler bag. Two weeks ago voila...the bag is finally completed! I'm pretty proud. It's the first non-tote bag I have made.

Well the second part of my SEW Excited post spoke of a trip to Vermont to go fabric shopping with an old friend. I know 3.5 hours to shop for fabric? But really, I LOVE fabric and LOVE to hang with people who share my obsession. So without further explanation here's my trip to Vermont in pictures....

The beautiful Inn at Manchester, Manchester VT was the most welcoming and perfect place to stay!

Each room in this house was more beautiful than the next.

Not to mention how delicious the breakfast was each morning and how friendly the owners were!

The bed was super cozy too! I stayed in the Thyme room.

It seems that anywhere you go in Manchester, Vermont you find a beautiful view of the mountains and friendly people. Stay tuned for the shops, the company, and the FABRIC!!

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