Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stuck in a Three Way

Lately I have noticed a pattern. A pattern in my quilting. It seems I am always stuck in a three way. Inadvertently, I am always working on three projects at once. This is so unlike me. I'm more of one quilt kind a gal. Lately, I'm in a three way and I have to pat myself on the back because I have noticed that it is a highly fair and diplomatic three way. 

These are the participants. Let me introduce them and explain how fair I am.

 Participant #1: A quilt being bound to donate. ( I have been trying my hardest to constantly work on quilts for Project Linus)
Participant #2: A quilt, drum roll please, FOR ME! This beautiful quilt I'm sad to say is not my design. You can find out all about it here at Waterwheel House Quilt Shop. It is the design of Shelley Sas.

Participant #3: My design, Five Little Pumpkins, just in time for Halloween. It is being bound in order to sell it here in Stitch Witch Fine Quilting (my shop).

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