Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cut cut cutting away

So while waiting to muster up the courage to quilt the quilt top that I plan on giving as a gift I decided to jump into another project. I 've had two Verna Moda Charm Packs just waiting to be them! I looked and looked and of course found the perfect quilt to make on The Moda Bakeshop Blog. I have to say, I'm a bakeshop groupie and a big fan of all of the chefs featured there. I chose this pattern:

So I started cutting....I hate cutting! This project involves quite a bit of it!

This quilt also involves being immaculate with pressing your seams open. I've got a great system going and have completed a few blocks already tonight.

I love the blues in this collection...they remind me of a robin's egg! So excited to pull this one together. I actually have a bunch of Bliss charm packs that I may use to make this pattern again, but double in size for a bed spread. I guess I'll be teaching myself how to make pillow shams soon.

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