Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hopes of Spring

One of the downfalls of apartment/co-op living is no yard. Last year I achieved a beautiful deck container garden. It was truly a little oasis. My neighbor claimed he loved when the wind blew because he could smell all of the truly wonderful things growing there; basil, lavender, mint, peppermint, and rosemary among a few. It killed me as the fall came and only a few of my beauties made it to the inside. One of the most heart breaking things was my fig tree ( in an early growth stage) lost all of it's leaves and seemed to be dying. I have been nursing this tree ALL Fall and Winter. The other day during that horrendous ice storm....a few leaves popped out of a bud.

And, I also see a few more ready to come out as well. Few of my plants survived and I actually have a blueberry bush living outside still. Inside, I have a lemon verbena plant, rosemary, and lavender.


A few weeks ago when I thought my poor fig wasn't going to make it, I bought another and while browsing on Amazon, I came across this little olive tree. I thought it would be perfect to join my collection. I'm already planning what else is going to join these darlings in my little garden!

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