Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Old, Something New and Something Insanely Bright!

I have an extended family. When my sister got married, we absorbed her in laws family as well. It's wonderful, we get along, and spend lots of holidays together. Lucky for her! My brother in law's brother (stick with me here) got engaged this summer. We love Audrey! My sister and I went with her to register and both of us are so excited about their wedding plans. For Christmas Audrey and Michael (fiance/brother in law's brother) gave me these adorable Christmas mugs. I was so touched. Then and there I knew I wanted to make her/them something special for their shower. Here's my work so far!

Here it is, finally ready to be quilted after it has been ironed about 10 times!

The fabric for the in line for more ironing!

Practice for the final touch!

In case I haven't mentioned it to EVERYONE....I LOVE my new sewing machine!!!!!!!!!

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