Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Toys

I used to spend the majority of my time online doing things like checking out facebook, playing what I consider ridiculous, yet addicting games on facebook, or one of my still favorite online pastimes...looking at or buying fabric. Lately since I made this jump into the blogging world I spend more of my time reading other peoples blogs on sewing, quilting and crafting. I have to say I have learned so much about quilting from these blogs, check them out on the right side of my page...blogs I follow. I also find out so much about new sewing, crafting and quilting toys. I decided this weekend two things. Since it is Valentine's Day and I once again find myself unattached and I just had a birthday, I deserve to buy myself 2 presents. This is what I chose....

The I-Top, I can't wait to make some buttons to add to one of the Christmas quilts I am working on...yes I know....I said Christmas. What can I say? The holiday season got busy!

Yes! That's an Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter! I actually purchased it on Ebay, for a pretty fair price! I plan on checking out Joann's Fabric for Dies today when I go to pick up some button forms!

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