Sunday, January 23, 2011

Always Something There To Remind Me...

How great would life be if we had our own personal soundtrack, or better yet, if it was like a musical and people were constantly bursting out in song? Lately, I've been singing, Always Something There to Remind Me, mostly because my home is filled with unfinished projects, quilts draped over chairs, little scraps begging to become something and baskets of crocheting and needle point that are just waiting to be picked up again.

The above picture I find the most frustrating. I need to quilt this, I need to have my dining room table back. I have practiced and practiced stippling religiously, but have a bad case of stage fright. So in the meantime I have quilted myself into a corner (literally) and pieced together this quilt top (below).
This quilt above is a pattern from Moda Bake Shop called "Awesome" lap quilt, courtesy of Jamie Mueller.

It really was super easy to pull together since it mainly consists of one jelly roll. As a matter of fact I have gotten it mostly together so quickly I still haven't bought backing for it. I used "Hoopla" by Moda fabric. It's so cheery during this frigid NY winter! I just need to stitch together the rows and it too will be ready for quilting. I'm hoping to get over the stage fright soon! Either that or move into a larger place that will allow me to just keep making quilt tops. HELP!!

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