Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh the tension of stippling!

I finally received the stippling foot I ordered for my viking 980. After several attempts it took me an hour to properly attach this foot. As wonderful of a machine as mine is, the downfall of using an older machine is the limited online information about it. However, in the end I was victorious and ready to practice stippling.

So with my foot ready to go I set about to see how I could handle stippling. I consulted many tutorials and blogs to find out the best way to go was to make tons of quilt sandwiches and practice, practice, and practice some more. Little did I know that I would have to fight with the machine for hours adjusting tension as top threads broke and bobbins tangled. After my first attempt the only tension that was perfect was between my shoulders!

My second attempt turned out much better, check out below. I mastered the tension and really am getting it! I can't wait to quilt the quilt top that is currently residing on my dining room table!

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  1. How did you find an open toe stippling foot for the Viking 980? I have been looking everywhere for one. Actually, that is how I found your blog, I googled stippling and Viking 980? Did you end up using a stippling foot for the Orchedia series of sewing machines?