Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Honey Buns and a Snow Day

Before Christmas, without any idea in the world of what to do with them, I bought two of these beautiful Mary Engelbreit, The Caroler honey buns. They have sat in my closet as I have waited for the holidays to end to use them.

Patiently I waited as the holiday festivities ended for the moment to take them out. In the meantime, I discovered the Moda Bake Shop. I found the perfect project for those honey buns. I found this tutorial and waited for snow.

My prayers were answered! Every school teachers dream..... a snow day!

With several hours to sew. I began three projects. Though, I have to admit the quilt top I began on a snowy day after Christmas. Project one, The Cobblestone Road Quilt.

After putting together the quilt top, I had a ton of scraps left. What to do with the remaining scraps?

A potholder (the reverse side has a pocket to slide your hand in)

While waiting for a darning foot to arrive in the mail so that I may quilt my first project, I decided to take the last of the scraps and make a cute little table runner. Finished projects to follow!

Dear Weatherman,

Please send some snow so that I may finish these projects. I miss my living room floor!!!!

xoxoxox, Jill

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